Friday, February 12, 2010

V Day 2010

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. I honestly haven't thought about it too much this year. It is one of those holidays that is blown out of proportion as far as I am concerned. Much like New Year's Eve, all of the restaurants are crowded and serving "special" menus for crazy prices. I am not interested.

I told my hubby that my perfect Valentine's Day would be staying at home with him and our two dogs. I would like to cook a nice dinner, but I don't need a gift or even a card. I guess I like cards sometimes, but really, what do you do with them? You read them once, you are thankful for the sentiment, and then they sit on the table for days. I always feel guilty about throwing away any cards, so I keep them in a basket in our bedroom. I don't read them again, but I have them all...just in case. When the basket gets full, I toss the oldest cards. It just seems a bit silly to me. My husband can tell me he loves me, and I will be perfectly happy.

So, that is our plan for this Sunday. We plan to go to Whole Foods to get steaks and lobster tails. I would like to cook a butternut squash soup for us as an appetizer, and we will probably get something sinful for dessert. After dinner, we will probably sit on the sofa and watch a movie. I think it sounds great and it sure beats a crowded restaurant any day.


Lesley said...

Sounds nice, Susan!

Tinsie said...

I've got a card for hubby (and I hope he's got one for me too!) but other than that, no plans for the day itself. We're in the middle of Rugby Union season and England are playing tomorrow, so I think Valentine's Day is going to be spent with him glued to the TV and me surfing the internet.

I love cards of all types, but you're right, they soon accumulate and gather dust. I tend to scan them for posterity, that way I don't feel I need to keep the actual card for ever. I only save special cards sent on special occasions by special friends, plus the ones hubby and I have exchanged over the years.

TheBookFetish said...

Good plan. The sentiment in a card or gift is nice, and it is good to tell the people you love that you do. But if you have to dress it up and do it only because it is a date on the calendar, then it somehow seems less authentic- I can't believe my somewhat closet-romantic self is saying that, but there you are.

racephan said...

I would echo all your comments about Valentine's Day to describe Christmas too :)

Surf and turf is always a good choice to celebrate any special day.

Susan Mo said...

The Surf N Turf was wonderful. I may not get into the full spirit of Valentine's Day, but I sure can for Christmas. House totally decorated, Christmas music right after Thanksgiving, cards, gifts, cookies, good cheer - I love it!!