Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow on a Friday night?

After several false reports this year, we finally got some snowfall in 2010. Where I live in the Southern US, we don't get much snow at all. It is actually very rare for us to get any sort of accumulation of snow. It is a big deal (and sometimes too big a deal) when we actually get some. People race to the grocery store in a panic to make sure they get their bread and milk before the snow starts falling. And when it does start falling, it is like the world around us shuts down.
It really is comical, especially when you hail from the North where winter snowfall is just a yearly experience.

Well, we got a big snowfall (guesstimating about 4 inches) this past Friday night. Yes, it started about 6:30 pm, once I was home for the day and ready to enjoy the weekend. It continued overnight and even a bit into Saturday. My hair appointment was canceled (I can barely see through my bangs) and we had to forgo our dinner date Saturday night.

On the plus side, fresh snow is always so lovely. The dogs just love it, and it was so much fun to see them run around in the new snow. We all took a walk together on Saturday afternoon, then played snowbound for the rest of the weekend. We always seem to be running around so much, and it was nice to be all together as a family in our home with no schedule. We also had electricity for the entire time, so there is no complaining from my side.
I just wish we had another day snowbound. What fun is it if you can't get a full day off of work? It is like this wonderful free day to just do as you please. I am lucky to work for a good company that decided to open at noon today. My dear husband was not as lucky. He had to go in at normal time, even with the frozen roads.

Soon, the snow will be melted and the backyard will be a huge mud pit. At least we have the memories of the great snowfall and the fun we had. Who know what the remainder of the winter will bring? I hear there may be snow in the forecast for later this week. On Saturday!

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