Saturday, February 06, 2010

Is the substitute better?

My stylist, J, just had her first child last week, a gorgeous baby girl. We knew it was unlikely that she was going to be able to do my next haircut after our last meeting, so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with K for today. I knew K was new to the salon. I actually did not recognize her at all when she called me name for my appointment. We hit it off right away and got down to business. We picked a nice chocolaty brown color for my hair, and away we went. After the color processed, she asked me what I wanted as far as the cut went. She took some off the bottom and cut my bangs, something that was much needed. I looked and felt great when I left the salon.

Here is the problem. I have been going to J for about 4 years now. She is actually a personal friend as well as my stylist. I attended her baby shower not 3 weeks ago. The thing is, K gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had. What's a girl to do? I did schedule my next appointment with K for 6 weeks from now. I don't think J will be back by then, but she will surely be back for the appointment after that one. It's not like I would be leaving one salon to go to another. I would still be at the same place. I would still see J if I did decide to switch. I guess there is no sense worrying about it now. I have at least one more appointment to make a decision.

What do you think? Stay loyal to a friend who does a good job or make a business decision to change to someone who may do a better job?


Tinsie said...

I think maybe first make sure the new girl continues giving you great haircuts. It may be that this first haircut was a one-off. After that, I don't know. It's a toughy. You could perhaps alternate between the two?

Susan Mo said...

I think I will get to see K one more time before I have to make a decision. Alternating sounds like a good compromise. Good idea!

Tinsie said...

Is your stylist quite busy? If so, you may be able to alternate without even trying too hard. I often have to see other stylists at my salon, simply because my favourite stylist is busy and can't see me at a time that suits me.

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