Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Dogs walk into a bar

Last weekend, Bill and I took Misty and Lily to our favorite bar, The Flying Saucer. What a great way to combine the things I love - my husband, my dogs, my friends, and beer.

Bill and Terry were supposed to run in the Magnificent Mile race downtown. We thought it was scheduled for 2 pm, and we needed to pick up the packets before the race. So, we headed to town at about 12:30. Misty, Lily, and I were going to show support for the guys. When we arrived at packet pick-up, we found out that their race was at 2:40 pm for the non-competitive race. Well, that left us with lots of time to kill. It was also very, very hot. Bill and I had run the day before as well. Bill finished 21+ miles, and I did a little over 14 miles in the brutal heat. Since it was still so hot, and we had time, we wound up at the Sauce.

As you can imagine, one beer lead to another, which lead to snacks. That lead to us sitting at the bar watching the racers participate in the mile. I think we left just after their race would have started.

Still, the girls had a great time at the bar. They socialized with people, and saw a few other dogs that were on the patio. Misty was so cute that she would stand on the bench so she could be close to us and take part in any conversations. It really was a fun afternoon.

So, two dogs walk into a bar and wind up having a great day.


Maggy said...

What a fun way to spend the afternoon! And besides, you had run the day before.

My friend who is extremely fond of beer and hangs out at a local beer depot (we do not have The Sauce) enjoyed a special brew called Ale to the Chief. Are you familiar with that one? Kind of appropriate during this campaign time and will be more so the 1st of January.

I ran a quarter of a mile this morning, 2 different times during my walk. That's about it for me. Both of you are doing very well!

Lesley said...

I ran the Mag Mile that afternoon. I don't know where the Sauce is, or I would've waved as I sprinted past. :D

Sounds like y'all had a fun afternoon!

Susan Mo said...

Maggy - I have not heard of Ale to the Chief. I will have to look for it. The Sauce is selling glasses bearing the comic images of Obama and McCain. They are keeping a tally of which glass sells more - so far Obama is winning!

Lesley - The Sauce is a block off Hillsborough, just down from Second Empire. The runners didn't come past us, but we could seen them and hear them as well!