Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin scares the s&^t out of me

The more I hear and read about Sarah Palin, the more she scares me.

There is just about nothing I agree with her about. She is anti-abortion rights. I firmly believe that the choice of terminating a pregnancy or not lies with the parents of child, not the government. She is pro creationism. I do not believe that religious teachings have any part in schools other than history classes. She opposes comprehensive sex education classes in schools. I believe that abstinence should be the main message in sex-ed classes, but birth control also needs to be a topic of the conversation. She opposes gay marriage or any sort of partnership plan for homosexual couples. I think that any two people who want to commit themselves in a loving relationship should be allow to do so, whether they are a man and a woman, or two men or two women. I think they should all have equal rights and it is really not the business of the government.

I also think she has problems with her memory. She was for "the bridge to nowhere" before she opposed it.

It concerns me that the American people are so taken by this woman. It seems they just love her because she is gutsy and tells it like it is. I think she has very little qualifications for the job of VP (she wasn't sure what the VP did all day a few months ago). It also troubles me that she has such a young child. I know, this may set feminism back many years, but I feel that she can't devote time to the position of Vice President when she has a newborn baby with Down's Syndrome. How can you go around the world and be available for your country 24/7 with an infant. I don't think it is fair to either us or her child.

I don't know, maybe I was a 50s housewife before I became a flower child.


racephan™ said...
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ZENMama said...

Sing it, Sister. I wanted Hillary, although I am more inspired emotionally by Obama. Sarah Palin is scary as hell.

Tinsie said...

She scares me too. I don't think I could ever support someone who was anti-abortion, let alone everything else.