Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007!!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Well, it is a tradition where I work that all employees dress up for Halloween. Those who do dress up are allowed to leave after a half day of work. So, really, it is a no-brainer as whether to or not to participate.

This year I went with what I know - I was a Caniac. I pretty much have everything I could possibly need after being a season ticket holder and fan for the past 7 years. Next year I can be a rabid Caniac, then a dead Caniac...I can ride this train for some time to come.

We had great costumes this year - a proctologist, a Twister game, Captain Jack Sparrow, a gang member, Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, and a guy who wore a blow up doll on his front and looked like a baby on her back. It sounds weird, but he won the best costume contest. Fun was had by all.

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Michelle said...

Susan - the TRUE CANIAC!