Friday, October 19, 2007

Back from Antigua!

Bill and I spent a wonderful week in Antigua at the Sandals Resort. It was absolutely wonderful! It was simply one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever taken. Usually, we go on vacation and go, go, go! We sight see, shop, go on tours, see shows, etc. Not with this vacation. There was nothing to see other than the clear blue water, no place to go other than the bar. The weather was wonderful (if not a bit hot). We would sit out on the beach (under a shade) after our breakfast. We might go to lunch, or simply sip on a pina colada. We would head to the main pool in the afternoon to float around with more drinks from the swim up bar. We would go to the hot tub as the sun began to set. When dark arrived, we would head to our room to relax and watch TV until we felt like showering. We would then head to dinner at any of the 9 restaurants and listen to some live music afterward. It was everything a vacation should be. Not that we were bums the whole time - we did do some activity.

We did a day excursion around the island where we toured by SUV, then went ocean kayaking. We went out to a small island called Bird Island for lunch and snorkeling. Sandals also offered many different water sports. Bill tried wind surfing. We went snorkeling on another day to a reef that is beginning to come back to life after a hurricane. We also sailed on a Hobie cat catamaran. It turned out to be the most fun thing we did and we didn't try it until the last day!

The resort was all inclusive, so there was plenty of eating and drinking. We loved that you could just walk up to a bar, request a drink, and walk away. No check, no room key, no signature required. It was the same with the restaurants. You walked in, ate what you wanted, and left when you were ready - no waiting for the wait staff to bring the bill. If that wasn't enough, there was a bar in our room with a little refrigerator. It was restocked everyday with beer, soda, mixers, water, and fruit juice. Above the bar on a shelf were 5 bottles - vodka, gin, whisky, rum, and a red wine. Yours for the taking! (there was also white wine and champagne in the frig!)

I have to say, we really enjoyed ourselves. The staff was friendly and helpful, the grounds were beautiful, and the food and drink was quite tasty. I would recommend a trip to Sandals. As a matter of fact, we are thinking of going to their St. Lucia property soon!!

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Melanie said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great getaway. I am so jealous. :)