Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to the Canes

My friend, Heather, and I went to the Canes game last night. It was a different experience to go with a person who was actually interested in the game. We had a good time.

We sat in the seats where we will have tickets all season. We are definitely in a hard core area. These folks were all dressed in their Canes gear with their radios on to listen to the commentary while watching the live game. I had better not make a false comment during the season - these guys may give me a run for my money.

I was glad to be able to enjoy a Canes victory. They beat the Canucks 3-1. Once again, they played one brilliant period, then made me question the rest. They came out swinging last night with 16 shots in the 1st (out of 31 for the total game). To his credit, the Canuck's goalie, Luongo, stood tall and rejected everything the Canes sent his way. His luck ran out in the 2nd period when Carolina finally scored on the power play.

When we went into the third period, I was nervous that the Canes would lose their lead as they had in the previous game. Luckily, my favorite Cane sent a gorgeous pass to the wide open Chad LaRose who was able to convert to the high side. It was an absolute beauty to see. While goalie Cam Ward played a great game, one finally slid by him with just under 7 minutes to spare. Again, my Cane came to the rescue in the final moments by stripping the puck from a poor slow Canuck and send it over to Ray " the Wizard" Whitley for the empty netter. A happy ending to a good game (there were even 3 major fights!).

I saw a great hockey game. My hubby went to car club and drank beer with Terry (Terry's wife was with me at the game - go figure, you would think it would have been the other way around). All was well in Raleigh last night.

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