Tuesday, October 30, 2007

As I pass into my 36th year on this planet...

Today marks the beginning of year 36 for me. This morning, during my run (yes, it was very cold outside), I started thinking about my past relationships - past loves, past regrets, past mistakes, past chances that failed, and past chances never taken. I had a few fond memories in the bunch, and more than I few memories that I wished to forget. I thought about the people who have affected my life, and wondered where a few of them are now and what they are doing. I remembered a few people that I wish I had never let in my life.

For better or worse, these people made me the person that I am today. At the ripe old age of 36, I find that I am happy. I have a wonderful husband, a sweet dog, good friends and family. I have a job that is decent and a home that is warm. I have love and I am loved. I think that is pretty much all we want as humans. The first 35 years have been good - I hope the next 35 continue to bring more of the same. Happy birthday to me!

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Maggy said...

A very Happy Birthday to You!

I have been extremely busy with my office move, and you know how that is.

We all have both fond and troublesome memories in our life. One is fortunate in having love, being loved, and being healthy. My parents never told me they loved me, but that was a different era. I was a cheerleader in high school, and my parents never attended a game. Things are so different today.

All best wishes to you for much happiness during your next 35 years!