Monday, December 18, 2006

We are Party People

So, our first party went incredibly well! We had 18 guests to our home Saturday night. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and so many hidden connections were found. My friend Sarah went to high school at the same school as Kevin in Augusta, GA. Her older sister was in his class. Our friends, Janet and Dan, had looked at the house next door when it was for sale about 2 years ago. They were able to meet the current owners, Tom and Karen, in our kitchen. There really are only 6 degrees of separation! There was plenty of food (Bill and I will be eating appetizers all week) and way too much to drink! We only drank 2 out of 8 bottles of wine, and we have over six 12 packs of beer left. I guess our friends are not heavy drinkers.

I am so glad we did it. Sure, it was nerve racking, expensive, and a pain to clean up, but it was worth it all. I had the best time entertaining our friends and getting to know everyone a little better. We may not be able to wait until next Christmas to throw another party.

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