Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Christmas Letter

For two years now, Bill and I have been sending a Christmas letter out with our Christmas cards. It is a nice way to let friends and family we do not get to see often what we have been doing during the year. We limit it to one page, front only. We think it is fun to put together and I hope others enjoy it as well.

Our friends sent us their Christmas newsletter. It was 2 full pages, front and back. Bearing in mind that they do have 6 children (and one on the way), I still think that their letter is too long. I especially think it was too long when she started listing out the top ten things that they support. When I got to "marriage is between one man and one woman" I had to stop reading.

I personally do not think it is necessary to put my political and religious views in out Christmas letter. If I did, it would read something like this:

1. Marriage is between any two people who love one another
2. All women should have the right to choose to have an abortion
3. There should be a flat income tax - the rich should have to bear the bulk of the burden
4. The war in Iraq is ridiculous
5. I support the troops who have been made to fight in this war, but not the people who put them there.
6. We have more important battles in our own country and other less fortunate places in the world.

Anyway, you get the point. Now, as a liberal, I believe that everyone has a right to free speech. So, I guess I can't fault our friends for sharing their beliefs. I just think the manner in which they did it was a bit strange. I also think that I have the freedom to stop reading their letters and to disagree at will.

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