Thursday, December 14, 2006

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Christmas is now 11 days away. I know you will find this statement hard to believe, but I tend to go a bit overboard during the holidays. I have sent out about 76 Christmas cards. To whom you may ask? Just about every single person I or my husband has ever met. I sent cards to our dentist, our stockbroker, and our dog kennel. Of course, I have been going to the same dentist for over 13 years. He even sent a plant when my mother passed away. My broker sent me a card, so that one is even. And the kennel - well, our card has a picture of Sammy on it. I hope they will display it with all the other dog pictures.

As for presents, I have been shopping for over a month for Bill. Every time I think I am done, I buy more. Really - I think it is some sort of sickness. I guess it's just like the party, I keep fearing that I will not have enough, so I keep getting more. I am afraid he will not like what he gets, so the more options I have the better. Really - I never seem to know when to stop. I think that is tied in to the need to have everything to be perfect. If I have too little food for the party, then I will be a failure. My self esteem can't take that sort of hit. I have so little of it anyway. I guess that's why I go overboard - so people will like me. Wow, a little psychology lesson in this blog entry. Not what I was expecting when I started writing.

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