Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Eating in Full Swing

So, I went to my first official holiday party on Friday night. A woman at work threw a cocktail party for some of the ladies in our company. I thought it would be appetizers, but it was a full dinner. I stuffed myself silly with the great food she had and that others brought. After all that food, we did a gift exchange that was perhaps one of the funniest things I had ever done. People were going crazy and screaming to steal the gift they wanted. Luckily, I got the $20 gift card for Total Wine that I wanted. It's better than getting stuck with a box of stationary.

Saturday followed with the second official party of the season. We had our Piedmont Chevy Classic Car Club dinner. Everyone brought food to the party. We have some great cooks in our club - so good in fact that we brought up the idea of making a club cookbook. One of our members, Larry Deal and his son, caught fresh fish for the dinner. They cut it in small pieces and delicately fried it. It was fantastic - no bones at all! There was a blackberry wine cake to die for as well. We also did a gift exchange. While I got exactly what I wanted, Bill was stuck with a salt and pepper shaker. The salt was a cigar, and the pepper was an ashtray. It was horrible (Bill said it looked like a turd in a toilet bowl). It went right in the trash.

So, next party - The JLDOC Holiday party on Wednesday. More food, drink, and pounds...

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