Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why I love the Fall Part II

I also love the fall for the fall fashions. It gives me a great excuse to shop for the new season (of course, I don't ever need an excuse to shop!). I am really into shoes right now. I have fallen in love with Nordstrom's Shoe department. I think Bill hates that it is about 5 minutes from the house!! I have bought these great red flats from BCBGirls that I adore (I am wearing them right now). I have also purchased flats in all colors for the season - black suede peep toes, brown metallic weaved, and silver runched. I just got some brown heeled clogs from Banana Republic (my favorite store) and some brown heels from Sofft (on order - should get them soon!) What a great way to celebrate the change of season!!!

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