Thursday, October 05, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes Opening Night

Last night, Bill and I were at the opening night of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey season. There was a great celebration for winning The Stanley Cup last year. Banners for all 3 wins in 2005-06 were raised - Southeastern Division Champions, Eastern Conference Champions, and the biggee, Stanley Cup Champions. We saw footage of the great wins and relived the dream. Now, it is time to focus on this season and what happens now. The Canes retain the majority of their key players, but a few new faces appeared last night. I was particularly impressed by new defenseman Tim Gleason. I look forward to watching him over the next few months. I mourned the loss of Matt Cullen. He was the star shooter for Carolina in shoot out situations. He was missed last night as The Canes could not get a shot past Ryan Miller in sudden death. It's a long season - 1 games down out of 82. Let's hope tomorrow night's game has a better ending.

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