Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm so proud of my guy

I am so proud of Bill - he just got a new job!! Bill has been working for an airline based in DC for about 2 years now. The company has been, well let's go with a challenge since he started. He has been searching for a new job locally for quite some time with no luck. That is, no luck until last week.

Bill had applied for a job at a company that works in the heavy equipment and trucking industry. He had an interview about a year ago, and really liked the place. They seemed to really like him as well. We were certain he would get an offer, but nothing happened. Literally, nothing happened. No one called to say they had filled the position, and people were not returning Bill's e-mails. Bill went on with life, but always kept that company in the back of his mind. He would write an occasional e-mail to remind him that he was out there and still interested in a job. Lo and behold, they called him back. He interviewed for a totally different position this time. The day after the second interview, he had an offer.

Bill starts his new job on October 31. The company has been around for 50+ years and still has lofty sales goals (like a billion dollars by 2020). I am so proud of they way he works and the devotion he showed to going after this job. I am a lucky woman.

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