Friday, October 27, 2006

My Rant - The People at the Gym

OK, so the gym is a place to go work out and exercise. Why are people allowed to have cell phones inside the gym? I really don't understand it. Who do you need to talk to when you are supposedly working out? Is it really necessary to talk to that person at the gym - can't you just call them when you are finished?

Next Target - the faux exercisers. Why are you at the gym if you are not really going to work out? I was on the elliptical machine the other day and there was a woman next to me. She was talking to her guy friend on the machine on the other side. For half an hour, she talked non-stop. She was moving so slowly that the machine kept shutting off. I really don't understand why she was event there. I mean, call you guy if you have to talk to him, but not on his cell phone while he is at the gym!!

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