Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feng Shui

I am taking a very interesting course on-line through Barnes and Noble University. It is all about feng shui - the ancient practice of organizing your home to reflect the best energy flow. It has been fun. There are some things that I really believe (clutter brings your energy down) and other I do not (you can get energy from hugging a tree). I have done a little experiment, though. In the career area of our home, we hung a shelf that I stained. It is an inexpensive shelf I found at a craft store. I put a bamboo plant on top of it (living energy) and a picture next to/above it. The picture is a waterfall (flowing energy) with a red matt (strong feng shui color - prosperity). Everything is reflected in a mirror (doubles the energy) that was already hanging in the foyer. We'll see if anything happens. I will go crazy if it does!!

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