Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Assignment

I had to write as a color using the first person. Here is what I wrote:

I am neither colorless nor pallid. I am pure white. I am the color of the billows that stand out against the azure sky. I am the softness of an unpolluted snow. I am unmarked, unsullied, and unspoiled. My starkness is a contrast to warmness. I am free; the absence of any other hue. I represent the goodness in the world in the peace of a dove. I am a bride walking down the aisle to the man she loves and a new existence waiting to commence. I am a fresh leaf of paper or a blank screen where an author embarks on a new tale. I am the soft fleece of a lamb or a boll of cotton. I am the one who wraps the newborn babe in comfort. I am purity everlasting and the beginning of all things. I am white.

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