Friday, October 01, 2010

No Time!

It used to be that at the end of a given month, I would have a lot of free time at work. I would have time to update my blog between projects and do other personal things that you just can't accomplish during non-work hours. Things seem to have changed.

I have been much busier lately. It seems like most of the day is filled with actual work. I know it makes the day go by quicker, but I don't think I like it. I miss updating my blog and other things. It seems like there is no time at home either. I feel like I am constantly on the move. I have piles of magazines on the floor waiting to be read, and it seems like such a long time since I read a book.

I hope this period of "no time" is just a passing phase. It may be selfish, but I want my "me" time back!

1 comment:

kix said...

I totally agree with you Susan..
Where is the TIME gone!! :)