Monday, October 25, 2010

Daniel Tosh Live!

This past Saturday night, hubby and I went to see the comedian Daniel Tosh perform live. We have been fans of his ever since we started watching his show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. We also rented a DVD of a stand up concert called Completely Serious that he did. I just think he has a wonderful sense of humor. He is so quick, and he can point out things that are really funny in everyday life. I thoroughly enjoyed his show Saturday night. I had tears in the corner of my eyes for the entire show.

I think the thing that impresses me most is that he seems to have no limits. He is frequently nude (with the appropriate areas blurred-darn it!) on his show. He has no problems dressing like a woman or a fairy, or pretty much anything else. He is also very good at everything. Viewers will send in challenges for him to do, and he always succeeds in fulfilling the challenge-running faster, jumping over more folding chairs, bicycle stunts - you name it. He seems to have so much confidence-something I lack. Of course, that being said, he could be a total manic depressive nut case who can only pull his sh*t together when on stage. Somehow, I doubt that is true.

On top of all of that praise, he is really good looking. I think I need to add him to my list. Yep, Jason Statham and Daniel Tosh. A strange combo, but it works for me.

Check out the new season of Tosh.0 in January and look for his new concert DVD, Happy Thoughts.

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