Friday, August 07, 2009

Feels like the end of summer

Things have started getting busy again.

Summer is not my favorite season. Actually, it is my least favorite season. The only good thing about summer is that most of my activities are on hiatus. The Junior League ends in May, and traditionally begins in September. Hockey season ends in June to start again in October. My book club has a final meeting around Memorial Day, then picks back up at the end of September. It is only August 7, and I can already feel things closing in on me.

We had our first committee meeting for the Junior League this past Wednesday. It was a nice meeting - a chance to meet everyone in the group and organize for the coming year. I will be on the same committee this year. Our function is to plan single day volunteer activities in the community. I contacted one local agency already, and the one day they have available for us is the same day I have to run 26 miles according to my training schedule. Guess I will have to pass off the activity because I don't think I could work a three hour shift after 26 miles.

I also did something stupid. I actually took on more responsibility with the League. I am going to be a membership advisor for our committee. We have our first meeting next Wednesday. They promise it will be easy and that we will only have 4 meetings a year. Of course, those meetings fall on a Wednesday night like all of the other JLDOC meetings. Wednesday night is my yoga night.

I have quit hockey, and I am seriously considering quitting my book club. I had hoped I had time to make a decision, but it feels like time is running out even though the weather outside is still very warm.

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