Monday, August 24, 2009

20 Years? Seems like yesterday...

I am so glad that I went to California for my 20th high school reunion weekend. Not only did I have a great weekend with my friends who I don't get to see enough, I actually had a blast at the reunion!!
I was nervous for nothing. People were so nice at the reunion. Folks remembered me from elementary school (we even got a picture of a group of us who all graduated from Montevideo, our elementary school). Facebook even helped. We felt like we all knew one another via our posts, so it wasn't hard to start up a conversation. The venue was wonderful, too. I have added more friends to my Facebook list, and just thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the reunion. I am already thinking about making this trip a yearly venture to CA, and I would certainly consider going to the 25th reunion.

All my fears and concerns were for nothing.

On top of a fabulous reunion, I got to see three of my best friends. I stayed with Melissa who I met in elementary school and have stayed in touch with over all these years. She still lives in the area, so she made an excellent tour guide for my return trip. We went to all three of our schools, drove around town to see how things have changed, and went to see my old house, now totally different with no trees and a second story addition. I also got to spend a glorious Sunday in Laguna Beach at the Sawdust Art Festival with Melissa and sisters Devi and Dorene. Devi and Dorene lived with their parents just three houses down from mine. Our families were extremely close, and went out to dinner every Friday night for many years. It had been years since I saw all three ladies, and we had a wonderful day together. I made me realize how lucky I am to have life long friends. I truly cherish my friendship with each of these ladies. I know it will not be years before we see each other again.

Here is a picture of Melissa and me at the reunion.


Melissa Peters said...

I love this picture! And I am so glad you came out! I was way behind on reading your blog but now I'm feel like I'm totally up to date on you! :)

Susan Mo said...

I love this picture, too! It is one of my favorites. We also had a lot of good ones from Sunday. I am already looking forward to my next trip to CA!