Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We posted an ad in the paper and online. We listed it on Craig's List. And, now it's gone. My car sold yesterday.

Bill met with the buyers on Sunday to look at the car. They liked what they saw, but were going to look at one other car before making a decision. The decided to take my car yesterday. We didn't get full price, but we did get a really good price. My car will be gone on Friday.

So, now I need a new car. We are trying to order a new Honda, and are waiting to hear if the sale will go through. Until then, it looks like it will be rental car time for me.

I am a little sad that my Mustang will be gone. It is a good car, and I do enjoy driving it. I know it is not practical, and I know an SUV will be so much better for my family. I am excited about getting a new car, but I will be sad on Friday. Guess I will have to gun it one last time on the way to the drop off point.

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