Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Busy Spring Weekend

This weekend is the first of two packed weekends.

Yesterday was so lovely, we just had to be outside. So, we decided to go for a bike ride to go get some lunch. It was a short ride, but so nice to be outside. I wished we had more time to ride, but I needed to get home to go to yoga workshop.

I participated in a 2 hour yoga workshop specifically geared for runners. It was a great time - much more informal than an actual class. We learned 5 different routines, and were able to practice as well as get any help we needed. It was a great add on to my normal weekly classes.

Last night, we went to a performance of modern dance pieces. A friend of ours choreographed a piece with dance and a photo presentation that she and her husband did. I don't know much about modern dance, but I did like her piece. I will admit that I did not get or like the first piece of the show, but luckily the remainder of the 4 total dances were good.

Today, I am at home with the pups. Hubby went to Virginia International Raceway for races with a friend, and I am home for most of the day. I will be attending the Carolina Hurricanes playoff game tonight with my friend who scored us some tickets. I am hopeful that the Canes will do well tonight after their great victory in New Jersey Friday night. There is nothing like playoff hockey, so it should be a fun night. GO CANES!!

It will be a busy week leading to another busy weekend, but I shall leave that for my next post.

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