Monday, December 08, 2008

For all the stress, it was worth it

Last night, Bill and I had our 3rd annual holiday party. Earlier in the week, I wanted to cancel the whole darn thing.

We had the floors redone on Wednesday, then had to reassemble the rooms. After that, everything needed to be cleaned and decorated for Christmas. There was food (and beer) to be purchased, then recipes to be cooked. It is a lot of work getting ready for company.

Then, the day arrived. The house looked great, there was a lot of beer chilled, and the breakfast table was covered with food. Our good friends, both old and new, stopped by to join in holiday cheer. Whether it was for a few minutes or hours, it was so nice to have friends in our home to share the season. I think everyone had a nice time. I know I did. It was worth it to be with our good friends for the holidays.

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