Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canes, Christmas, and Craziness

My good friend, Heather, scored tickets to Thursday night's Carolina Hurricanes game. Not just any tickets, though. These tickets were on the club level. We were seated at center ice, right on the red line, in the most expensive level of the arena. We were right above the penalty boxes. Let me tell you, I have sat in many different seats in the arena, but these were by far the best seats in the house. You could see the whole length on the ice, and every part of it. In my normal seat, you really can't see anything along the boards near the goal. I had no problems on Thursday. I could also watch the action on the bench, another thing I can't see from my regular seat. It was a great game, and the Canes won 2-1 in OT. It will be hard to go back to section 338 after this experience.

Christmas is 4 days away. Things are going OK, but I still have to buy 3 more gifts. I have nothing for my brother-in-law. What is even worse, I really have no idea what to get him. We don't get to see each other very often, so I really don't know what he likes and dislikes. It is getting close to go time, so a decision will need to be made soon. Luckily, I got Tuesday off, and we are already closed 12/24 to 12/26. I hope we will be able to come up with something soon. At least I have most of the presents wrapped. Progress is happening, just slowly.

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