Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Yesterday was Earth Day. Ever since we have had this water shortage in our area, Bill and I have been trying to conserve more. We watch the news most every night and see stories from around the world about the shortages in food, the price of fuel, and the harm that is being done to the environment. There is no one to fix these things but ourselves. It is important that we all be a green as possible.

We have:
1. Changed our bedroom lights to energy efficient light bulbs
2. Bought a rain barrel
3. Gotten canvas bags for grocery shopping
4. Recycled everything we can
5. Both use mugs at work instead of using paper cups

We have been trying to do more and more. We have talked about getting a compost bin as well.

Do you have any ideas for being green? Please share whatever you have done - I would love to do more to support our environment.


Lesley said...

We have a light reading bookcase (small one) here at the library where people (staff as well as students) can swap out books. They make good bubble bath (or beach/pool) books. I picked up The Kite Runner from that bookcase a few months ago, and reading your post inspired me to go ahead and recycle it for someone else to read. I threw a couple more paperbacks I was done with into the mix as well. So now I have a little more room on my bookcase at home, to boot.

I keep meaning to go through my shelves and take the books I don't want to keep to a used bookstore and get a few bucks for them, just haven't gotten around to that yet.

Michelle said...

We use compact fluorescent light bulbs throughout the house, even the outdoor lights. We started recycling miscellaneous mail items like empty envelopes, catalogs, magazines, flyers, etc. We also carpool during the workweek to save money on gas.

Tinsie said...

We've changed all our lights to energy efficient ones, recycle everything that we can, re-use shopping bags, lend/borrow books, magazines and CDs instead of buying new ones, turn off all appliances when we aren't using them. We also don't have air con, a car or a dishwasher and all our appliances are A rated for energy efficiency.

Susan Mo said...

You guys are awesome!! I am inspired to be more "green" by you guys!