Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indian Cooking

Bill and I have recently found out that we really enjoy Indian food. So, I thought it would be fun for us to take a class together in Indian Cooking that I saw at a local community center. We finished our final class this week.

The class was not exactly how I expected it to be. I imagined a beautiful kitchen setting where there were many stove tops for cooking. I thought we would partner up and make a meal for each class. Well, it wasn't quite that. There was a kitchen, but it was very small for the 10 people in the class plus the teacher. We were each assigned a dish, but you only made that one dish in the class. At the end, we would all eat the dishes that were prepared. There were only 4 burners, and you had to find your ingredients and cooking ware in the cabinets.

We did make some interesting things. We made a vegetarian lentil soup the first week, followed by peas pullov (green peas with spices in balsami rice) the second week. For our final week, we made the dessert - carrot halwa. Each dish was interesting to make, but the list of ingredients was long. There are many spices needed for each dish - things you would not normally find in an average American kitchen. I don't know that we will make many of the dishes, but it sure was good eating for these past three Tuesdays.


Melanie said...

I've never tried Indian food, but I hear that it is good. I thought about you when we went to a Canes game about a month or so ago. I was thinking "I wonder if Susan and Bill are here?' They were playing the Sabres. It was a great game that we won in overtime.

Tinsie said...

I love Indian food! It's very popular in England - we probably have a curry once a week. Usually we go to an Indian restaurant or get a take away. I've cooked Indian at home a few times, but it's a lot of hassle unless you do something simple like meat and potatoes with ready-made curry paste.

I went to an Indian cooking class once, but it was more of a demonstration than a class per se, so I can't say I benefitted much from it. Much easier to order take way :-)

Susan Mo said...

Melanie - Yes!! I was at that game with my friend, Adam. How funny. I do hope our paths will cross some day...

Tinsie - I agree. It is so much easier to take out or go to a restaurant. I will be doing that next week!