Monday, July 19, 2010

Training Time

We are now in serious training mode for the International Triathlon. This past weekend, I ran 10 miles with my running group on Saturday, then went out to the lake with hubby and a friend on Sunday. We did some open water swimming in the lake, then went on a 23 miles bike loop, and finished with a 1 mile run to get our legs under us. It was a long, hot morning. Afterward, we had sandwiches, so we didn't even have coffee on Sunday. It was strange, but I think it will be the norm for the weeks to come.

It is tough getting out of bed so early on the weekends. Weekends used to be the time we slept in and had a nice, big breakfast before reading the paper. While I like getting out in the morning to finish the day's workout, it makes you so tired for the remainder of the day. I think I will have to start adding naps to my weekend routine.

I am also contemplating joining a local gym called CrossFit for a boot camp. The whole concept of CrossFit scares me, but it may be a good thing. I have no upper body strength and very little core strength. I know I need to work on these areas and that they will help my overall performance. So, do I dive into the unknown? I have until tomorrow to decide.

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