Thursday, January 07, 2010

Baby, It's Really Cold Outside!!

I love winter. I love big sweaters, bundling up, hot cocoa, and lit fireplaces. I really do. After this week in the Triangle, however, I wish Old Man Winter would back off a little bit.

We have had unseasonably cold temperatures this week. We are talking crazy temperatures like highs in the 30s (we would normally be around 40-50 degrees), and lows in the teens. It has been so cold that you don't really want to go outside at all.

It was a bad week for me to start running again. It has been close to 20 degrees in the mornings when I have gone out for a run. It has made me want to not want to run, but I have and I warmed up well once I got started.

We now have a prediction for snow tonight. We may get a dusting, we may get an inch, or we may get nothing at all. Predicting snow in our area if always difficult. The only certainty is that people will overreact. There will be runs on milk and bread, and several counties have already delayed their start tomorrow. Luckily, I have a fridge full of beer, half a loaf or bread, and some milk to get me through the day.

I really wouldn't mind an inch of snow. I would love a delayed work start tomorrow. It has been much harder than I thought to get back in a work routine this week. I could use a day of sleeping in. We will see what happens.

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