Monday, January 18, 2010

Awards Season Begins...The Golden Globes

I am usually a big fan of awards season. I enjoy seeing all of the celebrities dress up and walk the red carpet. I like to see what others think were the best performances of the year, and I like to hear about different movies and shows. I was not disappointed by this year's Golden Globes awards.

I will admit that I DVR'd the show. I an glad I did. I was able to cut out all of the excessive commercials, the clips from each nominated film, the speeches by the boring people (sorry directors and writers) and the lifetime achievement section (I am a fan, Marty, I was just not interested in your speech). I was able to get the the heart of the matter - the acting awards.

I was thrilled to see my new favorite win. I think Michael C. Hall is very deserving to win best actor in a drama series. It was good to see him since he announced he is fighting cancer. I looked like a person who has gone through chemo, but his energy seemed good. I was also glad to see Julianna Margulies win for The Good Wife. I have been watching the series since the beginning and I really like it. I think she is a fantastic actress, and I am glad she got her due.

There were a number of great speeches. I enjoyed Mo'nique's speech for best supporting actress in a movie. She seemed genuinely touched to win the award. Her shout out to her husband was so full of love - I teared up a bit. I also liked Meryl Streep's tribute to her mother in her acceptance speech for Julie & Julia. While I did not expect him to win, Robert Downey Jr.'s "not thanking anyone" speech was funny and very touching. I also really liked Sandra Bullock's speech about family are the people who have your back, not just the people to whom you are related. I really want to see The Blind Side now.

As for the dresses, there were many great looks last night. I really liked Kate Hudson's white gown and Toni Colette's golden shimmer. My pick for best dressed, however, goes to Halle Berry. She is just so stunning, and she seems to get better and better looking with each passing year.

Awards season is off to a good start - can't wait for the Screen Actors Guild awards next weekend!

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