Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money - NO!!!!!!

News broke yesterday that ABC canceled one of my favorite shows - Dirty Sexy Money. DSM is the story of the wealthiest family in the US, the Darlings, and their family lawyer, Nick George. There is corruption, extravagance, jewels, intrigue, and humor in this show. It was one of my absolute favorites on TV, and I don't watch all that much TV. Of course, the show is just starting to get really good. The storyline has really picked up and you are never quite sure who is on which side and how it will all work out. I just hope that there will be some sort of conclusion to the show and loyal viewers like me won't be left hanging.

I have written to ABC and E! online. I am so upset. This news is about as bad as when Cashmere Mafia was canceled last year. It makes me not want to watch new TV shows at all.

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