Monday, January 09, 2017

November 29-30, 2016

I was waiting.  Waiting to hear about the appointment with the specialist.  I am very good at not thinking about things.  It worked for the first day.

I finally got the call from my GP.  I had an appointment for December 1.  That left 2 days to think about it.  The first day I went to work and it was business as usual.  The second day was harder.  I started to think about what was inside me.  It seemed to be growing so quickly and was already large. Could it be a tumor?  What would happen?  I could not imagine leaving my family.  I was so worried what would happen to my husband if I had to leave.  It brought me to tears more than once throughout the day.  I was trying to be strong, to not imagine to worst scenario.  All I could do was wait until the next day and see what would happen next.

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