Friday, December 23, 2016

November 28, 2016 - Part II

Today marks 2 weeks post-op for me.  But, we are not quite there yet in this story.

I arrive at the radiologist clinic for my ultrasound.  I am still a bit in shock as to how quickly everything has moved.  I really wasn't expecting it to go like this.  I thought I would go in and Dr. Marum would know exactly what was wrong with me.  I would get a prescription and go home.  Things were getting a little bit scary.

The radiology office knew I was coming.  I checked in and they said there was an appointment available at 1 pm.  At this point, it was about 11:45 am.  They said the 1pm appointment would work perfectly.  When had I last eaten?  I had a bowl of cereal at 8am and missed my morning snack.  Perfect - I had to fast for at least 5 hours.  With over an hour to appointment time, I had a chance to drink plenty of fluid to get my bladder full - another requirement for the procedure.  I had already missed more work than expected for the day.  It was 2 days before our fiscal year end and I had plenty of work to get done.  They offered to re-schedule me, but I was already there.  I texted work and started drinking water.

The wait was horrible.  I didn't bring a book because I hadn't expected this to happen.  There was no regular TV in the waiting area - it was a stupid professional channel that flashed information about the practice interspersed with 5-10 clips from various TV shows.  It was hardly entertaining.  I did have my phone, but after a bit I just closed my eyes and tried to meditate.  I had a full bladder and an empty stomach - I was ready to be done.

After what seemed like forever, the tech called me back. I got settled on the table and the hour long ultrasound procedure started. The tech noted that I had been in 10 years ago for a quick version of this ultrasound.  She said they had found fibroids in my uterus - a very common non-cancerous growth.  I remembered that appointment.  She began the current ultrasound with great humor and friendly banter.  One of the first things she said was that I still had a fibroid, but this one was "the size of Texas."  I peed, moved in different positions, and was checked out all over my abdomen.  As we continued, it seemed that she became quieter and quieter.  I wasn't sure if she was concentrating or thinking, or worse of all, if she saw something truly scary.  She seemed a bit confused, too, especially while looking at the sides of my abdomen.  Finally, it was over.  I dressed, and she asked me to wait in the lobby per Dr. Marum's request.

My doctor wanted the ultrasound read immediately and requested I wait for the results.  After a few minutes, the tech came out just as my phone rang.  It was Dr. Marum.  She had already been appraised of the results and was calling to tell me she was going to refer me to a specialist at Duke.  She wanted me to see an oncologist who specialized in gynecology cases.  She would have her office set up the appointment as soon as possible and have them contact me.  I thanked her and prepared to check out.

The tech brought me a CD copy of my ultrasound to give to the specialist.  She half laughed and said that the radiologist didn't know what it was either.  Great - what a wonderful thing to say to a person after going through all of the things I had on that day.  Nice parting shot.

As I do with most things in my life, I shoved the worry to the side - to a place in my brain where I don't think about things too hard.  I called Bill and told him there was some sort of mass.  He was so sweet and caring and asked if I needed him.  I said I was going back to work and I would fill him in on the details later.  I went to the nearest fast food place for a late lunch (it was about 3pm), and went back to work as I said.  Thinking about it anymore would have to wait until a later time.

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