Thursday, November 06, 2014

Do strangers really have candy?

It has been a long time.  I have really neglected my blog, but life has been busy.  There never seems to be enough time to get anything done, but that might be a topic for another post.

It's funny to me that I find that it is often easier to be nice to strangers rather that people I actually know.  It really doesn't apply with my close friends, but to my acquaintances.  I realized it just the other day.

I was in a clothing store and was able to strike up a great conversation with a fellow shopper and a store employee.  I really enjoyed talking to both of them and I felt so great about the conversation.  It wasn't a deep conversation by any means - we just chatted about the items in the store, how to put outfits together, and the discounts we received for our birth month.  It just seemed so much easier to carry on a conversation with these two random people. I felt like I was free to smile and just enjoy being there.

No, of course, it could have something to do with the fact that I was off on a work day and out shopping.  Maybe I was just in a better mood for that very reason.  Maybe it was easier because these two people did not know me at all.   They had no history of me and made no judgments toward me.  I could just be the person I wanted to be in that very moment - a normal, happy woman out for a day of shopping.  If only life could be so easy breezy all of the time. 

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