Monday, October 26, 2009

4 Weeks

I have just under four weeks until my first marathon. I picked the Philadelphia Marathon for a few reasons. It is near the place I was born, and I still have some family in the area. I also picked it because it is very late in the fall marathon season. I liked having additional time to train and prepare, but soon I will just have to do it.

It has been over a week since my longest training run ever. I made it 25.5 miles, and it was a painful and ugly run. I was worn out after 15 miles that day. I really wanted to just go home after the 15 and call it a day. My friend and former group leader encouraged me to go on anyway. She said we could go as slow as I needed. While I was not happy with her at the time, I am glad I did it. I was able to prove that I can go the distance, and make it within the time limit. We finished our training run in about 6 hours, 40 minutes. I know that I will be able to finish 26.2 within 7 hours even if I have to walk the last 3/4 mile. It is a good thing to know.

I hope that my training run was an unusual day. I hope I feel strong on marathon day. I have decided that I am not going to try to predict my time, or be disappointed if I don't make a certain time. Running in a marathon is a huge achievement in and of itself, so I don't need any extra pressure. The only thing I will not do is fail, so really, I can't lose.


racephan said...

I know all your hard work and preparation will get you to the finish line. Good luck Susan, you can do it.

Michelle said...

Even though you and Jon and Bill are crazy, you'll still do great!