Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Peace in Zen

I have been taking a course online in Zen. It has been a fascinating class for me. I have been practicing Zen meditation each morning after I wake up. I have found it to bring peace in my life.

Here is a phrase that really touched me

"Don't look at the faults of others, Just look at your own deeds, Done and undone" - The Buddha

I have also enjoyed the writings of Dr. Brenda Shoshanna in her book "Zen Miracles." She has been a great instructor for our class and I find her word to be very wise. She says,

"We can only take care of the world we are living in - our own actions and deeds. As we stop focusing upon the mess of others and keep our own worlds in order, things all around fall into place. And our irritation ceases."

Check her out - she is an amazing teacher and woman.

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