Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is honesty the best policy?

So, I am a new blogger and I have questions. My friend Michelle showed my how to set up my blog, and has a great one of her own. She told me that people (specifically her mom) have been upset by things she has written in her blog. Michelle is always honest and feels that it would be wrong to lie in her writings.

I am torn. I feel like since this is my blog and my thoughts that I should be totally honest. At the same time, I think that if I would not reveal my true feelings to a person's face (as I am a chicken in real life) is it fair for me to publish these feelings on the web? I would not right intentionally mean things about a specific person. I would discuss how his or her actions made me feel. Again, if I would not discuss those feelings of anger or disappointment with them, can I or should I write them down? In a way, this blog would be boring if I only related the things that happen to me on a day to day basis without discussing the emotions behind the events. So, what should I do? Let me know what you think. Time will tell if honesty is the best policy.


mac1995 said...


I have learned that you may want to limit who you share your blog with. Or create a second blog without your personal info/pics and talk all you want. I'm thinking of doing just that so I can say what I want and no one knows it is me complaining or whatever the case may be.

Enjoy blogging - it can be a great source of release depending on how much you release (if you know what I mean).

Susan Mo said...

Thanks, Mac. Some great advice from a seasoned blogger.